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Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer professional competitive steam carpet cleaning on a truck mounted and portable machines using the latest techniques and high quality trade recommended products for cleaning and stain removal.

A cut above carpet cleaning cater to both domestic or  commercial carpets and uses the Hot water extraction method known as steam cleaning this method is most effective at removing dirt, germs dust and grime from carpets and extending the life look and feel of carpets as well as being a hygienic way to improve the air quality and healthiness of your home or business. Most carpet manufacturer’s recommend carpets be cleaned every 6-12 months but homes with children, pets or more traffic should be cleaned more regularly.

Did you know?

  • Some viruses can live in unclean carpet for up to a month or more
  • An average person shed around two million skin flakes an hour most being caught in the fibers of your carpets
  • Steam cleaning is the method most suitable for those who suffer allergies or asthma and other dust related conditions
  • Regular vacumming isn’t enough to remove deep embedded dirt, soil and allergines.

Special Price 3 rooms*

for $70.00

Maximum room size 16sqm. Minimum call out fee $70

This includes our three step process

♦ Pre spray conditioner

♦ Steam carpet clean

♦ Extraction

This is perfect for an end of lease carpet clean

5 Rooms for $105.00

$20 per room there after

We can clean stairs! $2.50 a stair

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